Is Tweety bird a boy or a Girl?

Despite Tweety’s high pitched voice and long eyelashes- he is actually a male. Tweety bird has changed shape and size and color through time – but since the very beginning it has been established in numerous episodes that he actually a yellow canary bird.

Tweety Bird originally did not have a long eyelashes and such a ‘adorable’ appearance. When he was first created and introduced to the public in 1942 he was a naked baby bird without feather. When Friz Freleng further developed Tweety in 1945 he gave him a cuter appearance by giving him big eyelashes, yellow feathers and blue eyes.

In the 2000 feature animated film ‘Tweety’s High-Flying adventure’ Tweety Bird plays next to new female friend Awooga. Displayed next to a female, it becomes more obvious that Tweety is in fact a male.

tweety bird and Awooga

Tweety Bird and Awooga

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4 Responses to Is Tweety bird a boy or a Girl?

  1. megs.. says:

    oh really hes a male???

  2. LooneyMan says:

    100% BOY

  3. Eddie says:

    Tweety is a BOY. The character is a MALE.

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