Affordable Marilyn Monroe Gift Ideas

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic women of our lifetime. Not only was she a talented actress – but she also possessed such unique philosophical and analytical mind, that enabled her to inspire many. As unapproachable as she may have seemed – as relatable were her words of wisdom.

Marilyn Monroe cheap gift ideas - affordable Marilyn Monroe gifts

It is no surprise that over 60 years after her sudden passing, she inspires so many with her talents still.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a family member, friend or lover – there are countless affordable Marilyn Monroe gifts out there. For instance check out this pinboard for Marilyn Monroe gifts that cost under $20. Want something cheaper still? Here is a pinboard with Marilyn gift for under $10. Perfect small gift ideas or tokens for that Marilyn Monroe fan in your life.

Other Inexpensive Marilyn Monroe Gift Ideas

Marilyn Monroe kitchen towel accessory

A Marilyn Monroe Dish Towel made by Spoontique. The dish towel features Marilyn wearing the halter neck dress she was photographed at a movie premier with in 1953. A fun way to decorate any kitchen Marilyn’s impeccable style and beauty Price 6.95


A Marilyn Monroe keychain and flask in one

A miniature Marilyn Monroe keychain and flask in one. This cute flask sprouts a gorgeous young Marilyn on the front. The flask itself Measures 3 x 2.5 inches. Price 6.95

marilyn monroe nightlight

A Marilyn Monroe nightlight that creates that perfect ‘sleep time’ dimly lit room. The nightlight is decorated with a beautiful image of Marilyn on the front. This affordable Marilyn Monroe night time light is made of glass and measures 4 X 3.5 inches.
Price 13.95



Marilyn Monroe gift bag

Features a large black/ white image of Marilyn Monroe. Bag measures 10 x 4.5 x 12 inches and the straps have a drop of 6.5 inches. In addition to being a shopper tote, the bag can also be used as a gift bag. Cleans easily by wiping it with a damp cloth. 4.95

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Find that PERFECT Marilyn Monroe Bag

Are you looking for that perfect Marilyn Monroe bag? Before you embark on your quest you should read this article. We will provide you with some great choices and help you make the right decision on what type of functionality you are looking for. So take a look in your closet – what type of bag are you most in need of? An overnight bag? A workbag? Or maybe what you really need is a new suitcase! Sweat no more Marilyn lover – we are here to help you make your journey a little bit more simple and fun!

Marilyn Monroe Overnight bag

Most people are not in need of overnight bags too often. But once in a while you are  – and when you are – you often find that you don’t really have one in your closet that fits your needs! You can actually get some really cool Marilyn Monroe overnight bags for not a lot of money! When looking for that perfect overnight bag keep the following things in mind:

–       You need space

–       Preferably the bag should have a shoulder strap

–       You need a large compartment, but also smaller ones to store valuables!

–       Quality! The bag needs to be able to carry the weight you put in it

And of course you need you overnight bag to be stylish and fun!

Marilyn Monroe overnight bag

 This overnight bag is the perfect size for a quick business trip or weekend getaway. The black and white bag has three high quality grayscale images of Marilyn Monroe on a white banner. Click on image to take you to product!


Everyday Marilyn Monroe Bag

What defines a great everyday bag? A bag that is can fit your key belongings such as keys, wallet, checks, phone and agendas. A bag that is not fragile and is made in a somewhat neutral yet eye-catching stylish design so you can easily wear it with different outfits.

Marilyn Monroe Crossbody Bag

Such a comfortable and beautiful Marilyn Monroe cross-body bag. A great small bag for everyday-wear. Click on the image to take you to the product page


Marilyn monroe leopard bag

A leopard style Marilyn Monroe everyday bag. The bag fit comfortably over your shoulder, and has enough room for all of your essentials. Click on the image to take you to the product

Marilyn Monroe Workbag

When looking for that perfect workbag there are a few features that you should be looking for

–       Space

–       Organization abilities

–       Comfort

–       Functionality

Do you realize it is actually possible to have a functional and convenient workbag that is designed with the beauty of the late Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe Large Tote Bag Leopard

Beautiful large Marilyn Monroe tote with leopard detailing and shoulder strap. The tote is made of faux leather and fur trimming. Absolutely stunning.
Measurement: 14 x 14 x 4

Marilyn monroe workbag

A Marilyn Monroe large purse featuring the Hollywood legendary beauty flashing her stunning smile. This large purse has room for all the essentials needed to make it your everyday bag.


 Marilyn Monroe Evening bags

Looking for that perfect bag for a night out? Not only are there Marilyn Monroe bags that are both elegant and chic – but carrying one with you to a party is also a great conversation starter. Many communications experts swear that you should always wear a unique item when going to social gathering. Wearing a Marilyn Monroe bag is sure to be a good conversation sparker.

Marilyn Monroe Handbag

A Marilyn Monroe handbag clutch in black and white colors. This fancy bag is perfect for evening wear with just enough room for smaller essentials such as your phone, keys and a lipstick. Click on the image to take you to the product!

Marilyn Monro Fanny Pack

A red Marilyn Monroe Fanny pack, perfect for that chic out-on-the-town look. Click on image to take you to the product

In Conclusion…..

We hope that this article helped you navigate the huge selection of Marilyn Monroe purses and bags available out there.  And we would love  to hear from you on this! Do you have a Marilyn Monroe bag? Maybe you have a funny story to share with us! Join the conversation!

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Hello Kitty Interior Car Decoration

There are lots of ways to celebrate your obsession with Hello Kitty. Whether you choose to decorate your home, wear Hello Kitty clothes or use another outlet – there are the right products for you. Sanrio (the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty) makes 5 billion Dollars per year on Hello Kitty merchandise! I guess you can imagine the huge variety in product lines available featuring the white bobtail kitten.

Recently I have done some research on decorating my car in a Hello Kitty theme! I have never met anyone who did this, but occasionally you see this fun decked out theme car riding along the road! I recall seeing a ladybug car, a Gucci themed car and a car whos headlights were decorated with eyelashes (LOL). Since I love (love, love, love) Hello Kitty I thought – what if I went all the way and decorate my car like this? So I searched the web, not really expecting to find much – but WOAH was I wrong! I mean, apparently people go ALL OUT when it comes to Hello Kitty car decoration! Don’t believe me? Well let the pictures speak for themselves!

Hello Kitty Car decor




So you see you can go a lot of different routes with this! And it really doesn’t matter what type of car you start out with! At you can find a bunch of stuff to help you decorate your Hello Kitty car – whether you want to keep it discrete or go full blown kitty crazy!

hello kitty auto stuff

hello kitty


hello kitty car seat


Do you own a ‘pimped out’ Hello Kitty car? We would love to see it!! Share the L-O-V-E

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Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Plane

Hello Kitty
Picture of when Hello Kitty Eva airplane landed in LAX airport for the first time!

Hello Kitty fans all over the world should be excited about this one! Taiwan’s Eva airlines has launched a full blown Hello Kitty themed plane. The plane is decorated to the ‘tee’ with Hello Kitty.

Eva Air's Hello Kitty-themed Boeing 777 arrived at Los Angeles International this week.
EVA Air’s Hello Kitty-themed Boeing 777

On the outside the plane is decorated all per with a bunch of Hello Kitty images. Hello Kitty is pictured in different settings that  “has been designed to bridge cultural barriers and invite new friendships from around the world”,  the airlines explains. The plane is scheduled to fly on Eva Airplane’s  17 weekly flights between Taipei and L.A.

This is not the first theme flight EVA Air has introduced. The company is redefining flying experience with their many theme flights.  Themes include a Hello Kitty Magic, Apple, Global, Happy Music and Speed Puff plane. However the Boeing 777 is the first Hello Kitty jet to fly to the United States. Chairman of Eva Air explains that he came up with a Hello Kitty themed plane to make flying a fun commuting experience.

The plane goes beyond what is painted on the exterior of the machine. Everything on the inside is decorated to enhance the Hello Kitty experience – the food, seats, stewardesses, lavatories, tv screens etc..

hello kitty food

Prior to boarding passengers receive Hello Kitty decorated boarding passes as well as luggage tags. Each seat is decorated to the tiniest detail with Hello Kitty


Flying on a Hello Kitty plane isn’t cheap – but Eva Air explains that parents don’t min paying extra for going on a Hello Kitty plain because it will make their children happy!

Now, we’re not going to lie – we don’t sell Hello Kitty planes (sad face), but we do sell  a lot of other Help Kitty fun stuff! If you like to travel in Hello Kitty style, but you are looking for a cheaper option, why not decorate your car with the adorable white kitten? Below we have collected some of the auto accessories available at our Hello Kitty store. There are so many possibilities for you to deck out your car Hello Kitty style!

hello kitty car seat


hello kitty

hello kitty auto stuff

Do you have a Hello Kitty decked out car? Or maybe you have even been on the Hello Kitty plane? We would love to hear from you!!



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Find the perfect Hello Kitty Bag

There are many ways to flaunt your love for Hello Kitty. A fun way may be to get yourself a cute Hello Kitty bag! Due to the wide demographic of Hello Kitty enthusiast – there are so many different styles, colors and shapes of bag designs available! Furthermore, Hello Kitty enthusiast of all ages can get a bag whether it be for a 3rd grade student, a teenage girl or a middle-aged women.

This article is to help you navigate and find the hottest Hello Kitty bags on the market! When looking for a Hello Kitty handbag, find one that you think is the perfect medium between fun, stylish and fashionable that also expresses your personal style. Some of these bags even have matching wallets – allowing you go the whole nine yards with your Hello Kitty style!

Hello Kitty bag

The above Hello Kitty bag is an official Sanrio product. The bag is made by the acclaimed quality and fashion-concious manufacture Loungefly.  The bag has embossed Hello Kitty images all over as well as a 3D bow. The inside of the bag includes a phone slot and a zip compartment for more valuable items, making it a very well designed handbag.

Hello Kitty purse

If you like the above bag, you may be happy to learn that bag comes with a matching wallet. The wallet includes all the must-have features of a daily organizer  including a clear drivers license slot, zipped coin compartment and multiple other compartments for notes and checks. For an inside look at the wallet go here.


Another option is the above Hello Kitty shopper – also produced by Loungefly. This tote is perfect for throwing over your shoulder when you really want something lightweight yet fashionable! The coolest thing about this bag is the use of different materials that create a 3D effect to the bag – quite a masterpiece. The bag is 49.95 at


Next up, a Hello Kitty backpack – also 3D style. This awesome bag is another Loungefly masterpiece! The bag can basically be used for anything – a school bag, an overnight bag or a sports backpack. The bag cost a mere $34.95 is available here.

Do you have a Hello Kitty fetich? Perhaps you have a picture of yourself wearing a Hello Kitty bag, or maybe you have a specific bag on your wish list? Regardless – we would love to hear from you!




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Was Marilyn Monroe a Dumb Blonde?

Most people don’t know that Marilyn Monroe was actually anot blonde but a brunette. Regardless of what hair color she carried around Marilyn was often stereotyped as being a ‘dumb blonde’. This was a an image that bothered Marilyn a lot – and that she fought to get rid of er whole life. The truth was that Marilyn was a very talented actress who was very passionate and philosophical in her approach to life. Her ‘bad luck’ had it that she was living in a time era that did not much value the opinions of women – and society often believed that good looks and brains could not possibly go hand-in-hand. In fact


Her Movie Roles

In 1951 Marilyn  signed a 7 year contract with Century-Fox where she was grossly underpaid. In fact Marilyn was paid significantly less for throughout her career than her peer actresses. In ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’, Marilyn made $18.000, while Jane Russel was paid $100.000 for her role in the film. If you look at Merilyn’s performances and versatility as an actresss – it is quite clear that she was in fact a highly underated and talented actress. In 2 of her first movies The Asphalt Jungle (1950) and All About Eve (1950), Marilyn had small roles, that she greatly exceeded the expectations of. Later on in her career she played some more dramatic roles in movies like Clash by Night (1952), Don’t Bother to Knock (1952), and Niagara (1953).  All 3 movies where Marilyn played deeper and more challenging roles that did not simply cast her as being a ‘beautiful blonde bombshell.’


 Quotes and Writings

Marilyn kept a journal during the last years of her life, probably to make up for the lack of intellectual fulfillment she wasn’t getting from her acting career. Monroe kept a diary, penned poems, and wrote. Some of Marilyn Monroe’s quotes have such much insight to what is important in life and how important it is to treat yourself with respect and love – it is hard to believe that this lady actually took her own life. Some of our favorite Marilyn Monroe quotes:

I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.’ 

‘Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.’

‘I used to get the feeling, and sometimes I still get it, that sometimes I was fooling somebody; I don’t know who or what, maybe myself.’

Do you love Marilyn as much as we do? Here are some ways to bring some of Marilyn’s wisdom and beauty into your life:

Marilyn Monroe tin sign






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A Marilyn Monroe inspired bathroom

So are you a Marilyn Monroe fan like us? A fun way to showcase and celebrate your love for the iconic Hollywood actress is to decorate your home with her class and beauty! Maybe you have a special shelf strictly created for you Marilyn Monroe merchandise – or maybe even a whole room? Taking a look at some of the Marilyn Monroe merchandise available on the market, we came up with a fun idea, how about you decorate your bathroom with Marilyn Monroe? You heard us! There are so many fun and neat bathroom  accessories available, that we thought we would share some of our ideas with you!

bathroom tumbler set


The above bathroom tumbler set is available at This pink matching set is made of high quality ceramic material with illustrations of Marilyn on each piece. The set includes : cotton swab holder, a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, a bathroom soap dish, a bath tumbler and a tissue box holder.

Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtain


Want to add a little more to your bathroom display? This awesome Marilyn Monroe shower curtain is a great way to add a ‘center-piece’ to your bathroom! This square shower curtain measures 72 x 72 inches and it will fit most standard size bath showers – furthermore the curtain comes with twelve white hooks ready to be installed. marilyn-monroe-bath-shower-curtain-hooks-set-9.gif

If you are looking for shower curtain hooks that are a bit more extravagant – then you can switch our the white hooks with these decorated pink shower curtain hooks! Each package contains 12 hooks made of high quality resin. These hooks are available here

Marilyn Monroe bathrobesAnother way to add Marilyn Monroe decor is by adding one of these Marilyn Monroe bathrobes to your bathroom. The picture to the left is a Marilyn Monroe bath wrap, while the picture to the right is a Marilyn Monroe bathrobe.   Each of these robes are made in a similar design to the curtain, ceramics and hooks – creating a neat finish to the bathroom decoration.

Marilyn Monroe Slippers

Last but not least, why not finish off your bathroom with these awesome pink Marilyn Monroe slippers? The slippers are made in a comfortable plush material that will keep your feet warm and dry! One size fits most. Get them here!

Do you have a room in your house dedicated to Marilyn Monroe? We would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts or pictures with us!












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Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

If you are like us – you love Hello Kitty to infinity and beyond! We are constantly trying think of new ways to incorporate our love for Sanrio’s little White Kitten into our lives. This article is going to be about sweets, parties and how to make the perfect Hello Kitty cake!

Before we start, you should decide how much work you want to put into this Hello Kitty cake. Consider your culinary skills as well as how much time you have on your hands.


hello kitty cake

We love this cake! It is so well put together from the precise cubic shape to the round circles, flowers and well thought out color scheme. The cake is professionally made by Stuffed Cakes located in Seattle. If you would rather avoid fumbling with this yourself and you have the extra bucks to spend – your local bakery will surely be able to hook you up with a beautifully crafted Hello Kitty cake.

Hello Kitty cake

Now this cake is truly a masterpiece! Created by Love em Sweet’s trained Pastry chef in Los Angeles. The cake is a great option for an adult Hello Kitty fan, with a lot of Chanel inspired details such as the pearl-like details and little gold ‘CC’ logos.

Hello Kitty Cake

This cake may look a bit more simple than the other cakes. However if you look at the way the frosting has been applied – you will quickly realize there has been put a lot of time and effort into this cake. Judging that the fact that the cake is being stored in a white carton box – we are quite certain that this cake was professionally made as well!

Hello Kitty Cake

This last inspirational cake photo was chosen quite deliberately because of the ‘Happy 30th Birthday’ inscription at the bottom. Though Hello Kitty was originally created for a child demographic – we would like to remind you that her reach has far surpassed that demographic today! Whether you are making a cake for a child, teenager or adult – any Hello Kitty fan will be happy with a Hello Kitty cake to celebrate their special day!

Not for the faint hearted

Ok, we haven’t tried to make this cake – but it sure does look delicious! Though she does seem to make this whole process look pretty easy – we are pretty certain you shouldn’t try this if you have 45 minutes before your guest arrive!

The easier way

Hello kitty cake kit

The truth is that most of us like the smell and taste of homemade cake – but we may not be as creative as the above video or cake photos would require us to be. Don;t get put out by this. You can actually get ready-made Hello Kitty cake topping that you can put on top of your homemade cake creating quite a masterpiece! The image on this cake is lenticular giving the impression that Hello Kitty’s head is moving! So cool! You can purchase this cake kit at

Hello Kitty cake candle

Another option is to decorate your cake with a Hello Kitty cake candle! This is a great option for a kid’s birthday so they get the chance to blow out a candle! You can purchase the Hello Kitty Birthday candle at 

We would love to hear from you

Whether you are a master chef  – or an ordinary Hello Kitty fan like us – we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this! Have you ever baked a Hello Kitty cake? Maybe you are about to make one? Or perhaps you have some other Hello Kitty party ideas? Join our conversation!

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Back to School with Hello Kitty

Does your kid love Hello Kitty? Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect Hello Kitty school supplies as a children’s gift for a kid you know.

Hello Kitty is 9 years old and attends the 3rd grade in her hometown that is in a suburb of England. She loves to dance, sing and learn new things! Bring some excitement to a child you know’s daily school life by spicing it up with a little Hello kItty.



Hello Kitty backpack school


The perfect Hello Kitty book bag for a young girl. The bag has enough space and compartments that a child needs in grade school. The outside of the bag has two side compartments perfect for carrying water bottles or similar. For better organization the backpack also has an outer compartment perfect for pens, calendar, cell phones and keys. The bag has adjustable shoulder straps allowing your child to grow as well as accommodating the needs for summer vs. winter clothing. An all around great Hello Kitty school backpack for kids.


Hello Kitty lunch box hot pink

This hot pink lunch box is ideal for any chic style concious young Hello Kitty fan! Anyone sporting this lunch box will surely get envious stares and adoring comments everywhere they go! The lunch box is the size ofd any normal lunch box – having enough room for everything needed to keep young stomaches growling at a long day of school.

Hello Kitty blank key

This hot pink key is a great way to help make sure your child remembers to keep check on their keys anywhere they go. Who would want to loose such a unique and fun designed thing?

Hello Kitty Wallet

This little red shiny Hello Kitty wallet is the perfect small pocket book for children and adult alike. But for the sake of this article we are going to look at it as a children’s wallet. Does your kid need to bring lunch money and an ID card to school? Maybe just a few dollars for emergency situations. This small wallet is the perfect little pocket book for school!

There are so many Hello Kitty products out there – that are convenient for school as well as ridiculously cute! Do you know a kid who love Hello Kitty? Or perhaps you have some other ideas of cool Hello Kitty school accessory ideas! Join the conversation – we would love to hear from you!




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Hello Kitty Clothing Ideas for Adult fans!

No, Hello Kitty is not just for kids! Even though Hello Kitty was originally created by Sanrio to cater to the pre-teen demographic – her popularity has far since surpassed that marginal thinking. Actually in adult years, Hello Kitty is over 40 years old – remarkably though – she has not aged a day!

If you are like us – an adult who happened to love Hello Kitty – we will let you in on a secret: There are a million and one ways to dress in Hello Kitty clothes even when you are well over 14 years old! Below we have selected some Hello Kitty clothes and apparel from that we think are perfect for the ‘all grown-up’ Hello Kitty fan.

Hello Kitty Lounge Sets

The cool thing about lounge sets is that you can use them as either relaxing at home clothing or as a pajama set! We have selected a couple of different designs that we think are pretty stylish and cool.

Hello Kitty Lounge set

This black and pink Hello Kitty lounge set is made from Loungefly – one of the leaders in the field of Hello Kitty apparel.  The lounge set is available for purchase at It is available in different sizes and features a convenient drawstring pant!

hello Kitty pajama set

Another color option for Hello Kitty loungewear/ pajama wear. This set is available in a cool red and white color scheme, probably a more ‘classic’ Hello Kitty option when you consider the coloring.

Hello Kitty Hoodies and T-shirts

Another great Hello Kitty clothing idea for adults are t-shirts and hoodies!

hello kitty hoodie

This Hello Kitty Hoodie is made in a clean white fleece material. The front of the hoodie is decorated with a cute Hello Kitty picture and ‘Hello Kitty’ written underneath in a hot pink color. Great for everyday wear.

Hwello Kitty Varsity T-shirt

This white Hello Kitty t-shirt featuring the always adorable Sanrio white bobtail kitten. This t-shirt is great for everyday wear – made in a young and fresh design! What a great way to showcase your love for Hello Kitty.

Other ways to wear Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty shopper tote

What about getting a couple of these to do your grocery shopping in? Or perhaps you just need a bag to throw over your shoulder when running around town? We heart this bag because of the color scheme, design and the combination of different material types!

Hello Kitty tall slippers

Another great way to dress in Hello Kitty fashion is to get a pair of Hello Kitty slippers. These pink checkered slippers are great for the winter months when you may have a hard time keeping your feet warm. Available at

Share your thoughts!

So what are your thoughts on these Hello Kitty clothing ideas? Do you have a favorite Hello Kitty t-shirt or bag that you wear all the time? Fill us in! We would love to hear from you!

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